Actemium Angola

In Angola since 2001, Actemium Angola has been serving major customers in the Oil & Gas Industry. With a base office in Luanda, Actemium Angola is also established in the south of Luanda (Benfica) with Workshop facilities and in Soyo through its partnership with Sistemas e Valvulas de Angola, Lda. with Workshop facilities.

Actemium Angola, certified ISO 9001 (2008) and OHSAS 18001  (2007), is currently providing a wide range of expertise including :

  • Maintenance and Operation Services
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Project (EPC)
  • Workshop Activities
  • Specialized Manpower Services
  • Training Services¬†

Cegelec Angola


Actemium Angola References


  • Activity provided in Luanda (Benfica)
    • Flexible Hoses Services (identification, inspection, production, repair, testing, database creation)
    • Heat Exchanger Services (Cleaning, Dye Penetrant Test, Assembly)
  • Activity provided in Soyo
    • Valves Maintenance & Repair Services.
      3 years contract with BP Angola for Block 18 and Block 31 initiated in 2016