Actemium Emirates Services

Since its establishment in Abu Dhabi in 1978, Actemium Emirates Services continuous growth has allowed it to serve the UAE's ever increasing needs. As from its creation, the company has been registered with the OPCOs.
Its expertise is shown predominantly in the Oil and Gas sector. Its action extended its reach to the Middle East and beyond.

Expertise in multidiscipline “personnel Secondment” for all the project life: engineering, construction, commissioning and operations & maintenance. It also undertakes commissioning (quoted on a daily rate or package basis), training and operations & maintenance (including preventive maintenance or shutdown plan).

Actemium Emirates Services proposes an exhaustive offering:

  • Provision of specialized personnel secondment
  • Assistance to Pre-commissioning
  • Commissioning and Start-up services
  • Training services
  • Operations & maintenance services
  • Engineering Project Staffing Solutions
  • Comprehensive Yard Staffing Solutions
  • Operating Manuals and Procedures


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