Actemium Oil&Gas Analysers

With more than 40 years experience and more than 1000 analyser shelters and systems in operation worldwide, in the oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries, Actemium Oil&Gas Analysers has developed a particularly competitive know-how. As an independent analyser system integrator, we stand out from analyser manufacturers thanks to our knowledge of our clients’ problems and our skills in project and interface management.

Our multidisciplinary team enables us to offer a wide range of services from design to commissioning of analyser systems. Actemium Oil&Gas Analysers can provide customized solutions, taking into account the safety, quality and customers standards requirements.

On the Liquefied Natural Gas market (LNG), our efficient and highly accurate LNG vaporizer is used on a number of sites worldwide: liquefaction factories, receiving and regasification terminals, methane tankers etc.

Thanks to the VINCI Energies global network, Actemium Oil&Gas Analysers works in close partnership with its customers. Now the integration of our analyser systems is done in our production facilities in Europe and the Middle East.


An analyser system provides continuous, real-time analysis of production parameters for the following industries:

  • Oil&Gas production units,
  • Refining and gas treatment units,
  • Petrochemicals,
  • Chemicals.

Jubail SATORP Shelter - Actemium Oil & Gas Analysers Project

Actemium Oil&Gas Analysers offer a large range of services from system design to maintenance:

  • Technical audits, specifications,
  • Turnkey project completion,
  • Selection of suitable analysers,
  • System sample design,
  • Prefabrication in workshop,
  • Onsite installation  and monitoring,
  • Start-up and commissioning,
  • Theoretical and practical training.