Cloud based ICAPS©

Thanks to our sister company Axians Cloud Builder, we moved ICAPS© – a well known Commissioning Management System – to a cloud architecture.

Overall, it simplifies the deployment of ICAPS© on any project:

  • No local software installation
  • Secured database access from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Possible to provide a sandbox for ICAPS© training

TIPS – TeePee ICAPS© Paperless Solution

From Paper to tablet with TeePee

Actemium Oil & Gas Commissioning, with the help of our sister company Actemium Lille Digital Solution (ALDS), developed a web and tablet version of ICAPS©.

This mobile version can be used to fill Check Sheets and handle Punch Lists on any project using OPERCOM® and our cloud based ICAPS©. This modern and innovative solution modernizes in a safe,  refreshing and seamless the time-tested ICAPS©.

Standardized Reports

Actemium Oil & Gas Commissioning develops interactive dashboard directly linked to the Systems Completion Database to allow close progress monitoring and improve the visualization form of the progress reports (Engineering, Execution, Punch List)

This Dashboard is built on Microsoft PowerBI and is:

  • Interactive
  • Standardized for all our projects
  • Customizable upon request
  • Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection


If you want to learn more about OPERCOM® and  ICAPS©, contact us!


Innovation and general improvments

Mark-Up improvement

We designed MarkUp Tool to increase drastically the quality of the sub-system delineation. This tool provides efficiency for the commissioning process by:

  • Saving time
  • Simplifying colors / sub-system selection
  • Improving updates
  • Generating progress reports


As a continuous improvement process, we intend to collect data on real time on our projects. To this end, we are using an internal to benchmark Commissioning Tasks and project progress. This web-based tool is deployed on all our project to monitor Commissioning Engineering and Commissioning Execution.

If you want to learn more about our digitalization tools, contact us!