Transition Management

Transition Management is a critical challenge for the Oil & Gas industry, and Actemium is experienced on this matter as well. The recurring scheme is ensuring the efficiency of Handovers between one subcontractor and another. Actemium’s value proposition on this topic is to set them up to optimize the associated costs.

Manpower supply

The path to performance is walked by excellent and professional personnel. Finding such personnel is a time-consuming activity that Actemium has experience with.

Thanks to its worldwide network, Actemium can build large teams for on-site maintenance as quick as it can find the appropriate profile for a specific personnel provision need.

We work across all functional teams to ensure that all personnel required for operations are recruited and trained according to a defined ramp up plan. This ensures that they are familiar with the processes and systems required to successfully carry out defined roles.

Technical expertise

Our technical expertise is enhanced by a solid experience in project management, allowing our team to include organizational services such as Campaign Maintenance or Onshore Scheduling.

Actemium performs preventive maintenance, curative maintenance, scheduling, planning, methods support, on the following technical areas:

  • Electrical,
  • HVAC,
  • Instrumentation,
  • Living Quarter,
  • Lifting equipment,
  • Manual and instrumented valves (including PSV – Pressure Safety Valves),
  • Mechanical (rotating equipment & static equipment),
  • Packages (Turbines, Compressors, Generators),
  • Safety equipment (all equipment listed in the LSA – Life-Saving Appliances),
  • System (DCS, PLC, ICSS),


Depending on the equipment, our expertise allows our teams to carry out maintenance from level 1 to 5 internally.

In addition, Actemium ensures technical and material support to “Vendors” for heavy maintenance operations related to the fields listed above.