What ?

Training program recognised by various industries:

  • General Industry
  • Renewal Energy
  • Oil and Gas Sector


Why ?

  • International Recognised Training program provides a structured, formalised approach to training  recognised by the industry.
  • Creating industry-endorsed competency standards with On-the-job training integration.
  • Providing a competitive edge for attracting and retaining employees by offering high quality skills  and training.
  • Up-skilling existing employees to keep up with new trends and technologies.

How ?

  • Approved OPITO Global  Qualifications Centre, with  accreditation to award Training and Vocational Certificates which are issued jointly by OPITO and the Scottish  Qualifications Authority (SQA)
  • O&G Operations and Maintenance Foundation Training
  • O&G Operations and Maintenance Level 1 Training
  • O&G operations and Maintenance Level 2 Training
  • O&G VQ2-VQ3 – Operations and Maintenance Certification
  • Renewable Energy Foundation Training
  • Mechanical and Electrical (General Industry) Foundation Training

  • Main Areas





    Engineering & Specialist training

  • Main Disciplines

    O&G Production & Processing Operations


    Mechanical Engineering


    Electrical Engineering


    Instrumentation & Control Engineering


    IT and Telecom

  • Program Categories

    Technical Training Programs

    OPITO-approved training programs to acquire comprehensive knowledge and basic skills


    Vocational Programs

    OPITO-approved programs to acquire skills to be deemed competent in a given position


    Specialized Training Programs

    Specialized short courses targeted at experienced field operations managers, supervisors and technicians


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