Third parties’ management

Third parties’ management services are a complex scope requiring many competencies and services coordination. Actemium makes over this time-consuming activity into a One-Stop Shop Experience for its Clients.

Covered Services:

  • Scope of work definition,
  • Subcontractor selection,
  • Contractual Terms and Conditions,
  • Spare parts procurement (purchasing and incoterms),
  • Mobilization & Execution,
  • Reception of the work & Reporting,
  • Invoicing,
  • QA/QC.


Workshop activities (Fabrication & Refurbishment)

To reinforce the relationship with its Clients, Actemium always proposes the istablishment of a workshop based on Client needs. Workshops are equipped with suitable equipment to carry out maintenance activities that cannot be performed on site.

Several benefits come out of these services:

  • Competitive pricing providing cost savings compared to OEM,
  • Possibility to switch personnel from the Maintenance Contract to the Workshop allowing to keep a core pool of personnel,
  • Reduction of interfaces / actors,
  • Immediate coordination from site to the workshop.


Shutdown / Turnaround management (TAR)

Actemium knows that all TAR organized is a critical phase in the plant’s life. That’s why, Actemium manages a TAR as a project by developing specific procedures and dividing it in several phases with milestones.

Overall Process:

*Indicated time as an example

Respecting this workflow makes sure that the TAR runs smoothly.


Innovative and Digital solutions

Actemium is convinced that INNOVATION can help the industry to save costs, mitigate the accident risks and optimize processes. Based on Lessons Learnt from the current Maintenance Contracts in the world, we are convinced that we can bring our “know-how” and expertise on every Client’s asset. Few examples of what we already proposed around the world:

ERMEO is a simple tool that allows the equivalent of paper forms to be digitalized using mobile devices (ATEX Tablets or Smartphones) for the collection of technical data and for the automatic management of intervention reports, as well as the automatic data import to CMIMS.

HoloLens2 is an augmented reality solution enabling technical support / assistance from remote experts to technical personnel on site. This tool facilitates the technical support, brings logistic cost saving and carbon footprint reduction.

NAOMI is an artificial intelligence platform dedicated to data analytics and predictive modeling, which allows modelling the Client’s processes and activities, to optimize and automate them, and therefore facilitate the work of teams improving their productivity.